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Choosing The Right Electrical Generator

If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, an electrical generator can be a great addition to your home. A generator that has been properly installed by a local electrician can help you make it through both temporary and long-term outages. This can literally be a lifesaver in many areas of the country. If your power goes out for an extended period of time, a backup power source can keep your food fresh, provide heating and cooling, light your home and power any necessary medical equipment. If you experience an outage as a result of extreme weather or a natural disaster, a generator can also provide you with the power that you need to manage and clean up your property.

Types of Generators

There are many different types of generators to choose from. The best type for you depends on your situation. To choose the best generator for you, always work hand in hand with an electrician. They can help you choose the one that will provide you the amount of power that you require. The main two types of generators are as follows:

Portable Generators – A portable generator is the most mobile and flexible type of generator. Construction crews and others who need to generate power in areas that do not have electrical hookups typically use these generators. The trade off for the portability, however, is fuel capacity. Portable generators must be constantly refueled, meaning that you would need to keep plenty of fuel on hand to make it through an extended outage. Your typical electrician will recommend this type of power solution to be used in addition to a standby generator. may phat dien mitsubishi

Standby Generators – Standby generators are the most common choice for homes and business. This type of backup power is connected permanently to your existing electrical system. Depending on the type of fuel available in your area, this type of generator is powered by propane or natural gas. This gives them a very long-term fuel source so that you can make it through even the longest power outage. Current units connect to your wiring by way of an advanced transfer panel. This transfer panel is equipped to detect a power outage. Whenever your power goes out, your standby generator will turn on automatically. The panel will also shut the generator off whenever your regular electrical utility service returns, so that you don’t burn extra fuel. While this type of generator is more expensive to install, it is much more reliable and feasible for a long-term solution.

In addition to choosing between a portable or standby emergency power source, you will also need to choose a generator size. This is where your favorite electrician comes in handy. To the average consumer, the different power ratings and motor speeds do not make too much sense. A local electrician can assess the power needs that you have, and help you choose the right generator to fit them. When your generator is delivered, they can then connect it to the proper circuits so that only your most essential lights, outlets and appliances are powered. As a result, you can rest easily knowing that you will not be left without power the next time you lose electricity.

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