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Gift Jar – 5 Ideas for Homemade Holiday Presents

If you are searching out one appropriate concept for a craft object that you could use for anybody for your gift listing, then appearance no in addition. A present jar is an appropriate gift that can be personalised to fit anyone. The basic idea is to take any length or form jar, fill with contents that the recipient might enjoy and beautify to suit the subject matter.

1. Mix Jar. Think muffins, cookies and soups – any of those ingredients may be used for a combination jar gift. Just layer the dry substances within the jar (do not simply unload them all in together – presentation is important), then well print or kind the recipe on card stock and fix to the neck of the jar with wire or ribbon. Be certain to consist of at the recipe card all moist substances that need to be introduced.
2. Beach Jar. Make this present jar for the seaside bum on your existence. Fill the jar with seashells or sea glass (either may be purchased in bulk at a craft deliver shop). Cover the top surface of the lid with glue and dip in sand. Allow this to dry, then glue a seashell within the center of the lid. Finish by wrapping skinny rope or cord around the brink of the lid. visit

Three. Candle Jar. Purchase a set of small jars and a candle-making package at a craft supply shop and make jar candles for each person on your listing. By making them yourself, now not handiest are you saving money, but you also are capable of personalize the candles for each recipient. Different scents and colorations can be used to make your candle jars unique. Attach a small box of matches or a matchbook to the jar with ribbon or glue.

Four. Food Jar. Fill these jars with any dry, nonperishable meals item that you suppose your pals or circle of relatives would revel in. Popcorn, coffee beans and jelly beans are just a few of the varieties of ingredients that would make a outstanding gift and additionally appearance accurate in a jar. If the contents are something that want to be measured while used (such as coffee), attach a small scoop to the out of doors of the jar with ribbon or cord.

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