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House Design – Industry Jargon & What it Means

If you’ve found that perfect site but don’t want to pay 10% of your costs to a project manager, why not do a little research and take the role yourself? Building a house can be quite straight forward if you have a plan and you follow the correct sequence of events.

Initially, your first job is to decide on the type of house you’d like. Bungalow, 2 storey, one and a half storey etc. Decide on the size of the house, the number of bedrooms, the orientation of the site.

Once you’ve gotten your initial ideas on paper it is always a very good idea to get a meeting with your local planner. There is no point in going about completely designing your house only to find that it is unlikely to get planning in your area. The planner should be able to give you appropriate guidelines to follow in order to ensure the planning process moves along smoothly and quickly.

Once you know which direction to go บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน with your house design it’s time to give it some more attention. There are hundreds of house design books and manuals out there that save you the cost and time of trying to tie down an architect. Most can be used straight from the book or you can alter them to suit your own specifications.

If you’re not savvy with architectural drawings or autocad, once you find the design you like, the good house design books allow you to send away for the planning drawings for your selected design and this is usually only a fraction of the cost of employing an architect to design and oversee the project.

Once you’ve gotten all your plans together and filled in all the appropriate planning application forms, submit them to the planning department and prepare to be patient. If you’ve followed the guidelines set out by the planner this should be a painful process and you should have your approval within 5 to 10 weeks.


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