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Only 35 – Erectile Dysfunction Patients, Is This the Age? – Know the Numbers

When it comes to erectile dysfunction or erection problems, the number 35 is something that you should keep in mind.

Age. At 35, Erectile Dysfunction is almost always caused by stress, sexual miscommunication and lack of attention to personal health. At 35, Erectile Dysfunction brings anxiety and low self-esteem, so the sooner you get treatment, the better.

The bad news is that having erectile dysfunction at this age is not uncommon. However, the good news is that this is the patient group that gets the highest success rate. Often, doctors with patients who are experiencing erectile dysfunction at this age recommend sex therapy and other natural means of treatment. The more non-traditional doctors even go as far as recommending Ayurvedic treatments to “awaken” the muscles of the body and regulate blood circulation while the patient goes into a deep relaxation. Some even prescribe herbal medications that are proven to lessen stress and relieve tension in the muscles. These are supplements or additional methods that are used in conjunction with sex therapy so the patient can overcome the erectile dysfunction. It is also very important for the couple to go into the therapy together. The support of the partner is very important in overcoming the disorder.

Percentage. Only 35 Erectile Dysfunction patients out of a hundred recover from the disorder. This is for erectile dysfunction caused by poor health and for men in the 40-70 age range. This is not including those that are caused by injury or surgery. Testosterone therapy Las Vegas

Take a look at an average 40 to 70 year old man. An average 40 to 70-year-old American male would have had at least three kids, and experienced the stress of sending those kids to school. He would have the accumulated stress of having to into an average of 8-15 jobs in his life so far. He would have normal fat and sodium laden meals and minimal to no exercise. He would experience a bit of embarrassment because of his growing waist line and the graying hair. This is definitely not the peak of his sexual confidence.

48% of men 40-50 years old have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and elevated blood sugar levels. 70% of men 60-70 years old already had a minor or major heart attack in the last five years. If these men have this kind of health, it is not a surprise that they are having erectile dysfunction. And because of the poor health they have developed in the years that they have not given their own health proper attention, only 35 Erectile Dysfunction patients out of a hundred are healthy enough to start over and live a healthier life. Only 35 of the 100 will overcome the disorder.

Do you want to take your chances and see if you will fall into the lucky circle of 35? Do you want to spend thousands of dollars on therapy sessions and treatments? If you do not, then all you have to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise more often and eat healthy, wholesome food. Avoid stress. If this is not entirely possible, then allocate a day in a week or a few days every month that will be dedicated to simply rejuvenating your spirit and your senses. Control your temper and be more positive. Stop missing your annual physical examinations. With a few lifestyle changes, you won’t have any erection problems, whether at 35 or beyond

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