5 Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents (2023 Reviews)

Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents Reviews

How to choose the best baby carrier for plus-size parents? Baby carriers are a fantastic method for keeping your little one close to you while keeping your hands free. Whether you’re cooking or taking a walk, they allow you to keep your baby close to you — and many fall asleep almost instantly!

Baby carriers are likewise a comfortable choice when you’re in tight spaces where a stroller in all likelihood won’t fit. Yet, which ones are the best baby carriers for plus-size parents?

We found the best baby carrier for plus-size moms and dads, so check out the reviews below. Likewise, make certain to read through our tips for safe babywearing for plus-size parents.

Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size Parents Reviews
Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents

5 Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents Reviews Of 2023

These are the options we found for the best baby carrier for plus-size parents on the market today. We found both structured models and traditional wraps that plus-size moms and dads love. There are alternatives in all sizes, so you’re certain to track down the one for you.

Likewise, make sure to check out our tips for safe and healthy babywearing before you buy!

1. Best Overall – Tula Free-to-Grow Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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  • Easy height and width adjustments.
  • Durable fabric.
  • Lumbar support strap to avoid lower back pain.
  • Adjustments range from newborns to 45-pound toddlers.


  • No front-facing option.
  • Pricey.

The Tula Free-to-Grow is a favorite for some parents, petite and plus size, thanks to its adaptability for mother and baby. It accompanies padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a body panel with three-width settings. There’s likewise a storage pocket at the front, so you can keep your keys or wallet close within reach.

This baby carrier is intense, and you can use it from newborn the entire way to toddlerhood, with a weight limit of 45 pounds. Some structured baby carriers require an infant insert to adapt it to a newborn, yet for this Tula model, you won’t need one. At the point when your little one grows, you can easily carry them on your back with quick adjustments.

The Tula Free-to-Grow plus size baby carrier has smart details, for example, a cover at the top you can use to secretly breastfeed. It’s additionally easy to change, which is handy when both mom and dad wear the carrier. It’s a breeze to put this Tula model on and take off, which isn’t always the case with this type of baby carrier.

The 100 percent cotton twill fabric is durable, however, it still allows your skin to relax. At the point when it inevitably gets dirty, it’s fully machine washable.

It’s hard to track down negative opinions on this Tula buckle carrier because it’s such a favorite of plus-size moms. The price is pretty high compared to the baby wrap models. It’s justified, however, assuming that you think you’re paying for both the high-quality fabrics, padding and shoulder straps, and the smart design.

One more downside for certain parents is that you can’t keep your baby in a front-facing position. At the point when they’re older and you can have the carrier on your back, you can keep them facing the front, however, the position is always inwards-facing.

2. Most Versatile Structured Carrier – Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

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  • Versatile carry options.
  • Adaptable from newborn to toddler.
  • Fits a plus-size waist of up to 55 inches.
  • Soft, padded lumbar support to avoid back pain.


  • Shoulder straps can feel bulky and wide for some.
  • The mesh fabric can be rough on a baby’s skin.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is adaptable for all normal baby positions. With only a couple of quick adjustments, you can move the carrier from your chest to your back, or even to the hip. You’re likewise able to keep your baby facing both front and back with this model.

Adjusting the Ergobaby Omni 360 is easy, and you can easily make it happen or turn your baby around without someone else’s help. The baby carrier grows with your little one from 7 to 45 pounds without additional inserts.

It’s additionally comfortable for plus-size moms and dads, and the long straps accommodate different body types well. You can change the waist belt to fit a waist of up to 55 inches.

It has a large pillow to support your baby’s neck during the first months of life. Their legs can hang freely, which is fun and comfortable for the baby. Simply remember to keep pants on, as the mesh fabric can be rough on a baby’s delicate skin.

What we likewise love about this model is that it has a large storage pocket to fit your baby’s items. The pouch is large and detachable, which is handy, for example, while you’re visiting family and friends and need to change a diaper. Simply grab the pouch, without needing to take the entire baby carrier with you to the washroom.

The soft straps have mesh fabric for improved breathability, however, a few parents feel they’re excessively bulky. You can wear them backpack-style or cross around your back, whichever is more comfortable for you. The baby carrier likewise has a lumbar pad for improved support, which can save you some back pain.

This design likewise features babyhood that keeps your baby protected from the sun and can help cover them while breastfeeding. The best part is that it’s all machine washable, including the accessories like the storage pouch.

Overall, this is a functional design made of quality fabrics. It could be pricey, however with every one of the amazingly positive opinions it’s had from plus-size moms and dads, we think it merits the investment.

3. Best Baby Wrap Carrier – Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

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  • Highly adaptable to different bodies.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable quality fabric.
  • Comfortable for breastfeeding.


  • Has a learning curve.
  • May give you back pain.

The Boba baby wrap is a pioneer on the carrier market, and one of the most popular babywearing wraps today. It’s an excellent choice for parents of all sizes because it’s essentially produced using a long piece of fabric and is adaptable for plus-size moms.

The 5 yards of fabric on this wrap are produced using a silky soft cotton and spandex mix that is durable and machine washable. It’s breathable thanks to the cotton, so you’ll have the option to use it on hot summer days, also.

The spandex gives it the stretchiness that makes it comfortable to wear and tie around you. Also, thanks to this stretch, it will not lose its shape over the long haul.

You can carry a baby girl or boy weighing up to 35 pounds in this baby carrier wrap, and it’s ideal for plus-size mom bodies, everything being equal. It automatically creates a snug ergonomic seat for your baby and keeps them naturally at your chest.

This type of wrap is likewise comfortable to use as a breastfeeding cover at whatever point you’re outside. Given the large measure of fabric, you’ll always have a little bit to spare to cover yourself. Also, you’ll have the option to walk and do household chores while you’re nursing!

As a negative, with this type of wrap, you will not have the option to wear it comfortably with a bigger toddler who moves around more. You likewise can’t change the carrying position or turn your little one to face the front.

The Boba wrap is ideal for parents of newborn infants. This is especially in the event that you can’t say much about whether you’ll be comfortable carrying your baby around on your chest. You will not need to invest that much, and on the off chance that you love the baby carrier, you can switch to a more structured version with a toddler.

As negative, stretchy wraps have a bit of a learning curve until you get the technique on the money. Likewise, keep in mind that the wrap doesn’t have a lot of support for your lower back, so you might experience some pain assuming that you use it for quite a long time at a time.

4. Best Budget Structured Carrier – Infantino Cuddle Up Carrier

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  • Muffler pocket at the front.
  • Cute hood design.
  • Affordable.
  • Fast and easy to adjust for a large fit.
  • Decent lumbar support.


  • Not suitable for a newborn.
  • The fabric is thick and can get heated.

To spend a fortune on your baby carrier, this budget model might be the right one. It accompanies a waist belt and padded shoulder straps to keep your back and shoulders comfortable. It’s additionally easy to change in accordance with your waist even when you’re alone and can’t count on someone else’s help.

This model accompanies a detachable hood in an adorable bear design to protect your baby from the sun or wind. The fabric is quite thick, however, so it can get hot in the summer climate. The size of the hood is additionally small, so it’s only suitable for the baby’s first months.

There’s a pocket at the front that acts as a muffler to keep your hands warm in the colder time of year. You can likewise support the baby’s weight with your hands inside the muffler to give your back a little break. The negative is that this baby carrier doesn’t include a zippered pocket to keep your small items close to within reach.

The position is ergonomic for yourself as well as your baby. The carrier supports the baby’s legs the entire way to the knees, keeping them wrapped around you. You can use it from around 12 pounds as far as possibly up to a 40-pound toddler. Note that this model isn’t suitable for a newborn all alone, because it doesn’t offer enough neck support.

The baby carrier has quite a decent measure of lumbar support for the mom, thanks to the padded waist belt. The fit is large and best for tall and plus-size moms.

One negative of this baby carrier is that you can only wear it in two unique ways. You have the choice of the chest and the back, however always with your baby facing in. If your baby has any desire to see the world, they’ll likely get bored after some time.

5. Easiest Baby Wrap – Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

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  • Pre-wrapped design that’s easy to use.
  • Five different options for carrying your baby.
  • Comes in extra-large sizes for plus-size wearers.
  • Amazingly comfortable when you’ve got the size right.


  • Not adaptable between different sizes.
  • Stretches out over time.

We included this pre-wrapped baby carrier from Baby K-tan on our list because we love the delightful way easy it is to put on. It requires no wrapping, which can save you a lot of precious time.

Simply toss on the baby carrier, leaving the X-shaped mark on your back and putting your arms through the circles. Cuddle your baby and pass their legs through the circle. Then spread the fabric, and you’ll be good to go.

It comes in several sizes for a plus size mom, up to an extra-large, equivalent to dress sizes 22 to 24. The downside is that it’s not very adaptable between sizes, even though the fabric is quite stretchy. Assuming both parents are of various sizes, you’ll need to buy two unique wraps.

The carriers arrive in a matching carry bag that transforms into a sash you can wrap around your baby and waist. This gives additional support for your baby and your lower back.

The fabric is soft and stretchy, and you can wash it in the machine and use the dryer. Keep in mind that it can stretch out a bit over time, however, will help accommodate your baby’s growth.

You can use this K-tan carrier model from birth up to 35 pounds. It’s very low profile and easy to slip into your bag when you go out.

Buying Guide: Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents

Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size Parents Reviews.
Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents

Babywearing is an astonishing method for spending time with your baby. It can quiet your baby, and help their muscle and language advancement. It can likewise give you an additional opportunity for face-to-face association with your baby.

Yet, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you buy a baby carrier for plus-size wearers. These go from baby well-being contemplations to the various types of baby carriers for plus-size moms and dads.

Baby Safety

Baby carriers and slings can be perilous in the event that not used as expected, especially with a newborn youngster. Here are a few tips for utilizing them safely.

Always make sure the baby’s aviation routes are clear and check their breathing often.
Make sure the carrier is tight, and your baby isn’t drooping, as this can prevent airflow.
The baby’s face ought to be apparent and close enough to you to be kissable when they’re in the carrier.

Baby Hip Wellbeing

Not all baby carriers for plus-size wearers are ideal for your kid. Your baby’s feet shouldn’t hang freely from the hips when they’re in the carrier. All things being equal, they ought to be spread apart in an ‘M’ position with their knees over their hips, likewise called a sitting squat.

This is because a baby’s bones, joints, and muscles aren’t fully shaped, and having their legs hanging straight down can cause hip dysplasia, or disjoined hips. This condition isn’t painful for the baby however can cause hip and back issues from here on out.

The very best baby carriers for plus-size baby parents we included on our list are safe for your baby’s hips. With wraps, you need to make sure you’re utilizing them appropriately to support your baby’s hips.

Parent Health

Not exclusively children’s bodies need love and care. Parents likewise need to make sure their baby carriers are comfortable to wear and stretch their upper back and shoulder muscles.

While you’re utilizing a baby carrier, you’re wearing a lot of weight on your back and your shoulders. Whichever way you choose to carry your baby, it can cause you to hunch or have an unnatural position on your shoulders. Carrying your baby on your hip may give you some lumbar pain.

On the off chance that you use your baby carrier a lot, we suggest you really do some light stretches and exercises to help facilitate the burden on your shoulders.


Every one of the carriers on our list is perfect for a plus-size mom or dad. If you have any desire no doubt, go for the baby wraps or ring slings because they’re more adaptable to plus-size moms and dads.

Structured baby carriers for plus-size wearers are additionally adjustable, however contingent upon the size of the wearer, they may not fit impeccably.

Assuming there are two parents utilizing the carrier, pick the right size for the parent who will utilize it the most. If both of you wear it a lot and there’s a major size contrast, think about buying two carriers, or attempting a couple of various types of models.

Types of Baby Carriers for Plus-Size Parents

As you might have seen from the reviews, there are various types of carriers for plus-size wearers. Not everybody loves every model, and, surprisingly, the best plus-size baby carrier may not be to your liking.

Structured Carrier

The structured baby carriers are the most progressive and, as a rule, the most expensive. They include a fully structured, supportive pouch and straps for your shoulders. You can easily wear these models on your chest and on your back when your baby grows a little older.

As a negative, not every one of them is ideal for use with newborn infants. Contingent upon the model, you may need to hold on until your baby is a couple of months old before you begin utilizing them.

Structured carriers are likewise bigger and bulkier to keep with you, and some of them won’t fit plus-size moms well. Check the waist size prior to buying assuming you for the most part wear plus-size clothing.

Fabric Wrap

Fabric baby wraps are a traditional approach to carrying your baby on your chest and are popular among plus-size wearers. You can use them from birth, as they keep your newborn close to you, snug and comfortable.

These types of wraps enjoy the benefit of various possibilities for wrapping. They additionally come in various sizes. However, any extra fabric is generally easy to tuck or tie to keep it far removed on the off chance that one of the parents needn’t bother with a plus-size baby wrap.

On the downside, assuming your baby is very dynamic they may move around such a lot that the fabric comes free and you’ll need to tie it once more. What’s more, wrapping takes time, especially until you figure out how to proficiently make it happen.

The baby wrap likewise gives no padding, however, the actual fabric is typically comfortable and breathable.

Ring Sling

Assuming that you need a carrier that is affordable however you don’t want to learn baby wrapping, a ring sling is a good choice. It takes a couple of moments to set up the first time and after a wash, however after that, putting it on is a breeze.

Ring slings allow you to support your baby at your chest and at the hip when they get a little older. They adapt easily to plus-size moms and dads, and they’re new to wear.

FAQs About Plus Size Baby Carriers

Do baby carriers have a weight limit?

Indeed, every baby carrier and baby wrap has a weight limit for the kid. There are options for going from a newborn to a 45-lb toddler. Additionally, plus-size baby carriers are available for those inquisitive about the size of the babywearing caregiver.

What is the best baby carrier for big babies?

The best baby carrier for large infants relies on the style of the carrier or wrap you prefer. For soft structured carriers, Ergobaby carriers hold up to 45 lbs. For wraps, many, including Moby, carry up to 35 lbs.

Do Ergo carriers fit plus size?

Hence carriers are an excellent choice for plus-size parents. Their carriers have 55″ waistbands, and Ergobaby offers carriers with design features that support large bodies.

Do Moby wraps work for plus size?

Moby wraps and Moby ring slings are plus-size cordial. Furthermore, their wraps and ring slings go to an 85″ length, obliging many parents up to size 26.

Are Tula carriers plus-size friendly?

Indeed, Tula carriers, likewise called Baby Tual, are one of the most plus-size accommodating options and are popular among plus-size parents. With a 57″ waistband and the accessibility of a waistband extender, parents up to size 32 have worn Tula comfortably.

Conclusion – Best Baby Carrier For Plus-Size Parents

Our pick for the best baby carrier for plus-size parents is the Tula Free-to-Grow Ergonomic Baby Carrier. In light of everything, it’s an extraordinary design and of the highest quality, and clients of all sizes for the most part love it.

The fabric is durable and breathable, and you can wash it in the machine. The design allows for easy adjustments between various sizes, even when you’re alone.

Honestly, the investment is a little high for some plus-size baby parents. In any case, you can use this baby carrier from newborn as far as possible for up to 45 pounds, which legitimizes the price. Still, all bodies are unique, so in the event that this one doesn’t fit, check out the other best baby carriers on our list!

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