What Are The Best Hitch Bike Racks? Top 10 Reviews Of 2022

Best Hitch Bike Racks

Why should I buy the best hitch bike racks? A mediocre hitch bike rack can spell disaster and ruin your planned day of fun in the mountains or at the bike park. We’ve all experienced some difficulties with regard to transporting bikes.

Although biking is fun, it’s a pain to load them into a car and take their tires off. Too much work takes away from the joy of the day.

Hitch-mounted bike racks are supposed to help with that problem by supporting your bikes to the back of your car, where they can be easily removed and jumped on for riding once you’re at your destination.

But a bad bike rack can make the bikes wobble, scratch each other, or worse, will have clamps that aren’t tight enough to hold everything in place. A bike that falls from a moving car isn’t going to be looking great.

So how might you find a good bike rack that’s worth your time and money? Although it takes some research and planning, we’ve done the research part for you! No longer will you need to settle for some half-rate bike rack that wobbles as you drive or that can’t hold a light bike in place for more than a few miles. Instead, we’ll show you the very best hitch bike racks available.

In our guide, we’ll explain exactly what makes a good bike rack and how to tell great picks from bad ones. We’ve also got several choices that can be perfect for different, specific scenarios or needs. No matter what your fun springtime riding plans are, we can help you accomplish them. Let’s ride!

Best Hitch Bike Racks
Best Hitch Bike Racks

Let’s go over our top choices for hitch bike racks. In general, while you’re selecting a hitch bike rack, you’ll want to pay attention to the number of bikes it that can carry, what type of hitches it’s good for, what the dimensions are, and what extra features it has. Don’t worry in the event that that seems like a ton; we’ll go over everything exhaustively further in the guide.

This quick list will provide a brief snapshot of the best hitch-mounted bike racks. It’s in no particular order, but each is perfect for a certain niche or need. No matter your vehicle or safety concerns, there should be something for you here.

In our reviews, you’ll find that the best bike racks usually have some excellent elements that make them stand out amongst the remainder of the competition. In general, the best hitch-mounted bike racks will have good construction, have the option to fit the standard kinds of hitches, and be easy to install. They’ll also likely have some cool perks, as foldable arms or adjustable clamps for holding various types of tires.

We’ll meticulously describe the situation with each of our hitch-mounted bike rack reviews. You can find which of the types you think you’ll like best and jump straight to that review or read through them all to find out their specifications, what kind of activity they’d be good for, or the number of bikes they can hold. You’ll also find out what they lack or what huge flaws they have, if any.

Good bike racks can be counted on to have the same core set of features: durability, adjustability, and versatility. Each of the racks we’ll look at is above many others, and their main differences come from their specialties or additional features. An important thing to know before you start looking is what you’re looking for in a hitch bike rack.

This means you’ll need to measure your car’s dimensions and your hitch. Also, consider the number of bikes you want to store at once and the kind of space you have in your garage; on the off chance that you have only a little, you’ll want to invest in a folding bike rack, for instance. All of this preparation will help you save time and look for the exact hitch bike rack you need instead of going back and forth. Then you can enjoy the fun, healthy thrill of biking anywhere you can drive to!

Top 10 Best Hitch Bike Rack Reviews

1. Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack – Premium and Tough

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  • Easy to release bikes with foot assist
  • No need for complicated installation tools
  • The adjustable tire cradle system
  • Powder coat finish


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Heavy

The Kuat Racks NV Bike Rack is a premium choice that’s going to provide you with great service into the indefinite future. It can carry two different bikes, and its heavy, durable frame allows it to hold bikes that are quite strong. It can take a variety of wheel sizes, so there are a ton of different bikes you can use with this rack.

The bikes are kept well apart, and installing the hitch on the back of your vehicle is easy. No tools are important for the tightening phase of the installing system. The hitch pushes down with a weight of 49 pounds for ideal security and tightness, in any event, during the bumpier sections of an excursion. Changing the rack is moderately easy with the foot help that was planned with the user as a top priority. Delivering bikes is easy, too, with an intuitive delivery button close to the wrench arm.

The path doc is an interesting addition to the rack since it provides some great functionality away from the hitch. The doc goes about as a maintenance stand that you can take basically anywhere since it’s light enough for easy transportation. Once you carry it to your bike, you can make some quick fixes or changes and be on your way once more.

It’s a good thing that the rack changes are easy since the whole contraption is quite heavy. This can make it a test for some, but we feel that the foot pedal makes up for this little defect. Folding the rack up will be a bit of work, but the stability and durability you receive consequently make it worth it, in our eyes.

While you get a ton of significant worth from this bike rack, it is a bit expensive, and you can see what you’re paying for in weight alone. It’s a good pick on the off chance that you’re looking for the highest level of quality and security over the cost factor. Knowing that you’re purchasing a bike rack that will keep going long into the future may be enough to legitimize the high initial expense, as you won’t need to replace this rack with another as parts corrupt or drop out.

2. Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack – Affordable for Groups

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  • Patented tie-down system
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy steel construction


  • Heavy

Let’s look at the Allen Sports Grand Bike Rack. It can carry four bikes altogether, rather than two, so already this is a good choice for families or on the other hand in the event that you’re planning on making an excursion with several companions. The hitch can uphold as much as 140 pounds altogether, so whether you’re blending the bike weights or bringing four indistinguishable bikes each weighing as much as 36 pounds, remember this worth. The long carry arms are a gift for ensuring that each of the four bikes aren’t constantly slamming into each other and making noise as you drive.

The rack uses a protected strap framework that’s exceptional to racks from Allen Sports. This framework joins the traditional brace tech, used by most current bike hitches to keep tires and frames in place, with a tie that can be added and twisted around the bikes, making them considerably more secure. At the point when you use this tie framework, be careful not to get the bikes too near each other, or they’ll be more likely to knock into each other as they clatter during transport.

Installing the hitch isn’t totally sans tool, but it is extremely easy, in any event, for novices. The hitch is made to endure with durable steel construction that doesn’t rust easily, although it’s lighter than you would anticipate. This isn’t a defect, truly, but you should remember it as you drive, on the off chance that you go over any minor knocks or drops. The light weight of the hitch will let it move maybe more than you’re used to.

It also requires a truly protected hitch clasp to be viable. Some hitches only need to be gotten lightly; you’ll want to twofold check this one’s security before you drive. This might be because of the construction of the hitch brace itself. Whatever the case, it’s good to know that there’s a lifetime warranty in the event that something turns out badly. For this situation, you’re getting a great incentive for money for however long you’re willing to use the warranty, as a hitch of this cost isn’t going to keep going as long as something like the Kuat.

It might be worthwhile to get this one in the event that you know that you aren’t going to utilize it regularly or on the other hand assuming it’s for a one-time frame bargain, for example, a cross-country move or a competitive occasion.

Regardless, while it’s sufficiently able to keep going for quite a while, we don’t suggest it as a pick for a drawn-out solution for your bike rack needs. You’ll want to go with something with more longevity.

3. Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack – Good for Light Bikes

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  • Very versatile for different bike types
  • Center arms fold down for easy access
  • Anti-wobble hitch device
  • Easy to install


  • Weak tire locks
  • Can’t fit fat tires without accessory purchase

Now let’s see about the Swagman XC Crosscountry Mount Rack. This can carry two bikes altogether, although there are moves up to permit you to switch to a bigger, four-bike model. Each set of arms can carry a bike as much as 35 pounds in weight, so it’s a superior mount for lighter bikes or children’s bikes. Despite this somewhat lightweight limit, the arms are entirely adjustable, in any event, for bigger tires and bikes of fluctuating lengths and shapes.

This means that assuming you have some more niche bike types, similar to a carbon-frame bike, it’ll be comfortable with this hitch. Bigger bikes and tires will, of course, have more trouble than more modest bike types, because of both the weight limit and the way that the arms can’t fit fat tires without another additional redesign that you may not want to spend the money for.

The hitch makes use of an anti-wobble gadget that essentially tightens the bolts more safely than some other competitors. This is good, because the tire locks themselves aren’t the sturdiest we’ve seen, and you’ll likely want to significantly increase your check before you start on any rough terrain or uneven journey. That being said, the experience while driving is exceptionally calm and smooth, by and large, because of the anti-wobble plan.

The hitch is also keenly made with its middle arm configuration folding down for truly easy access. Whether this means that children can load their own bikes or simply more convenient for any loader, it’s a good component that merits recognition. The whole piece is also truly easy to install.

4. Kuat Transfer Universal 2 Bike Hitch Mount – Versatile and Easy to Use

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  • Holds larger tires
  • Foot pedal at pivot for locking
  • Can upgrade rack security with pin and cable locks
  • Doesn’t contact or scratch the bike frame


  • Bikes are susceptible to wobbling since the frame isn’t touched
  • A bit pricey

The Kuat Transfer Universal Mount is another more excellent, more extravagant hitch rack that can fit two bikes, each with a most extreme weight of around 40 pounds. This is squarely in the center of most normal bike weight ranges for hitch racks. It has a good spread of acknowledged tire sizes, too, around 20-29 inches. These aren’t great for fat tires but are fine for “bigger” tires that don’t quite fit the “fat” depiction.

Regardless of whether it fits the “fat” classification, the adjustability is as yet valuable because it means that you aren’t gotten into one specific bike type until the end of the rack’s lifetime. This can make it a good choice in the event that you find yourself transporting a ton of children’s bikes or on the other hand assuming you have several of your own for different events, for example, a street bike and a trail-blazing bike, contingent upon your mindset. This versatility also means that different types show bikes can be transported together, although we truly do suggest driving carefully.

The hitch has a handy foot pedal we truly like since it makes locking the frame and making changes with the rack simpler and more secure than slithering around under the bikes as they’re being loaded. This foot pedal also allows anyone, even children, to use the rack and get their bike down.

There are some redesigns available for security pins and cable locks in the event that you’re planning on biking in regions where you’d like a bit more security. However, since this rack is already a bit high with regard to cost, you’ll need to choose if the potential gamble is worth another investment. For what you escape the container, the bikes are gotten well and don’t shake too noisily. Importantly, they don’t touch each other, so assuming you have frames that you want perfect for a show or occasion, this is a good choice.

Because of the lack of touching, we saw that the arms are a bit weaker than some competitor models. You won’t risk the bikes dropping out of the carrier or anything correspondingly grievous, but you could find that you can hear them moving as you drive.
For show bikes, we suggest adding some cushioning or folding fabric over the bikes as a sanity check. While this can be annoying sooner or later, it’s not a huge enough blemish to dock it with too many focuses in our eyes.

5. Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier Rack – Great for Families

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  • Durable construction
  • The bike cable lock and safety strap included
  • Tilt-down feature and foldable arms
  • Easy to install


  • Bikes sometimes sway without the strap
  • Doesn’t fit some hitches

The Tyger Auto Fancy Carrier Rack has enough arms to help four different bikes. These bikes can differ in weight and type, so go ahead and blend and match or carry a family’s worth of bikes on this single rack. There’s some extra security managed by this rack, thanks to its additional lashes that come with the purchase.

Fundamentally, in addition to the normal arm clamps that are incorporated with a hitch bike rack, this model comes with a safety lash that you can tie around one bike that may be a bit little for the arms or even the entire assortment, in the event that you wouldn’t fret the frames touching each other in transit. This means that the degree of security you can reach while joining the arms with the tie is above that of many competitor hitches.

However, we found that the arms alone were not generally as secure as some of the others we’ve reviewed. This makes the safety tie exceptionally mandatory in the event that your bikes don’t fit perfectly into the arm clamps.
Remember this while you’re settling on the bikes to take for a particular day of riding. A bike cable is also included for extra safety when you’re stopped or for general driving. The arms crease up when they’re not being used for easy stopping and storage, and the whole mechanical assembly can move to descend to permit you to load the bikes more easily. This is great assuming you have heavy bikes in particular.

The hitch is generally exceptionally easy to install, although some hitches probably won’t fit perfectly on the principal attempt. This might require a little imaginative machine work on your part or some extra weight to drive the fit. Either way, it’s a bit of a defect that you should know about. In general, 1.25-inch hitches fit a little better compared to the bigger 2-inch hitches that are supposedly workable with this rack.

The Tyger Carrier Rack is also the best hitch bike rack for the money since you get so much functionality for an astonishing asking cost. Few other racks can flaunt the ability to carry four bikes at once and incorporate accessories like cable locks and safety lashes for this kind of affordability. The way that it’s so financially savvy and it holds four bikes makes it a great pick assuming you’ve got a family and everybody has a bike that they want to bring along on the mid-year trip.

6. BV Bike Hitch Mount Rack Carrier – Very Safe and Secure

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  • Safety rear reflector included
  • Anti-wobble design
  • Loops and padded arms integrated into the design
  • Tilt-back and fold-up functionality


  • Adjustment jaws aren’t very thick
  • The hitch hole may need trimming

The BV Bike Hitch Mount Carrier is another rack intended for more modest, lightweight bikes that don’t go above 36 pounds for every frame. It can carry two bikes all together and is worked with unique circles and cushioned arms to get the bikes more solidly. This is great for more modest, lighter bikes since these types will quite often bob about more easily and slip from their arms more much of the time than their heavier counterparts.

The rack makes use of anti-wobble bolts to limit shaking and stirring, too. All of the attention to security with respect to the more modest bike types makes it a great pick on the off chance that you have carbon-frame bikes or are transporting bikes for youngsters.

Loading is made easy with its slant back accessibility, and it can overlap up while you park or while it’s not being used.
The adjustable jaws for the clamps, however, aren’t made with the same thickness of metal as the rest of the model. This means that you could find indications of rust or decay on this part of the hitch first, although it wasn’t something we personally were concerned with. It’s only something to know about while you’re loading bike; check these sections each time to make sure that nothing is wearing down too quickly. In the event that they are starting to rust, you can take care of that with the right substance item and a cloth.

Replacement parts are easily obtainable from the manufacturer in case of harm, but we feel that this won’t likely be fundamental except if the rack is left in the downpour for a significant stretch of time. The greatest danger to more slender pieces on this rack is abrupt swerving and turning, which could cause weight on these sections. However, you should be driving carefully with bikes on the back of your vehicle anyway.

In addition, the hitch is another misfit as far as really working with the recommended sizes that it professes to fit. You’ll need to work to get it, but once it’s joined, you’ll find that everything is extremely secure, particularly in comparison to less expensive hitch racks. Altogether, this is a minor imperfection when contrasted with its litany of perks, for example, the reflector plate that’s set against its back for greater nighttime visibility. It’s a good hitch rack in the event that you’re transporting children’s bikes, certainly.

7. Yakima Products Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack – Good for Show Bikes

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  • Accommodates carbon road bikes, other varieties
  • Pivoting wheel hook secures the bike without touching the frame
  • Adjustable racks to reduce bike-to-bike contact
  • Cable locks included


  • Cheap plastic screws in places
  • Longevity is questionable

The Yakima Items Bike Rack is a bit of a different style than we’ve seen so far, which you’ll notice when you look at it. It uses a turning wheel snare to make sure that bikes are secure and stable without letting their frames touch. Since it can carry two bikes, each with a limit of 60 pounds, this makes it a great pick for show bikes or for taking premium bikes to and from an area that could have a ton of knocks or winding streets.

The adjustable racks are excellent for any number of bike assortments and types, including ones as little as carbon frame models to the bigger, trail-blazing bike types that you find in a great deal of rough terrain hustling competitions. In the spirit of extra security for more costly bikes, the purchase comes with some cable locks, so you can be calm in the event that you move back from the hitch for a brief time. On the other hand, these locks provide considerably more security assuming you’re apprehensive about the bikes bumping headed for your destination.

There is the subject of longevity. While the rack in general is durable and well-made, there are a few places where plastic screws or covers were used in place of metal renditions. This was plainly an expense-slicing measure that doesn’t appear to have a great extent to influence the rack, basically from the start.

We have found that after some use, the plastic pieces will quite often wear down more quickly than the other sections. This could mean that you’ll need to find a replacement for the rack, or contact the manufacturer for replacement screws. The rack all in all is quite expensive, so we were amazed at this apparent efficiency.

It’s not an issue by any measure, but assuming you’re looking for a definitive premium quality there are other racks that don’t use plastic anywhere on their frame.

8. Overdrive Sport 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack – Accepts Fat Tires

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  • Adjustable wheel clamps
  • Anti-wobble system
  • Quick-release tilt design
  • Easy to install and comes with a rear reflector


  • Bad packaging
  • Reflector plastic isn’t durable

Then, let’s take a look at the Overdrive Hitch-Mounted Rack. This can carry two bikes all at once and has arms that are capable of supporting genuine “fat” quality tires that are around five creeps in width. This means that bigger bikes are quite at home in this rack, particularly since it can uphold bikes as much as 60 pounds in weight. These two factors alone should make this rack a top competitor for your purchase in the event that you have heavier bikes or models with fat tires.

The wheel clamps are adjustable, however, so assuming you have more modest bikes but like everything else this rack has to offer, you’re still fortunate.

Anti-wobble screws are integrated into the plan to lessen shaking during transit, which will bear the cost of a calmer journey and greater genuine serenity concerning frame-touching.

Altogether, this rack has one of the most solid sets of clamps we’ve seen on hitch racks. This is extra important for fat tire acceptability since these tires can be so challenging to keep in place with their extra mass. Regardless of whether you have bikes with fat tires, you could find that you value the extra security managed by the cost of these clamps.

The rack is truly easy to install and is worked with a quick-discharge framework and a shifting turn. This lets you eliminate the bikes at a lower level than their mounted level and do it without battling against the arms or changing them beforehand. This additional convenience is a great framework that makes really using the rack easy, which a ton of racks swear off for security purposes. Indeed, even with the quick-discharge framework, your bike should be quite secure and stable during any car trip.

The bundling that comes with the purchase is of low quality, which might appear to be an odd objection. This made assembling the rack for installation more of a hassle than it needed to be. In addition, although the rack comes with a reflector panel for nighttime visibility, we observed that the plastic covering was exceptionally modest and won’t keep going for a really long time in the event that it’s banged against something. Altogether, however, these are minor admonitions concerning an overall excellent hitch rack.

9. Leader Accessories Hitch Mounted 2-Bike Rack – Heavy Duty and Tough

810DT7TzLyL. AC SX425 min 1


  • Easy tilt-down access
  • Easy fold-down arms
  • Adjustable mounting saddles
  • No-wobble bolts


  • Does not align well with all vehicles
  • Bolts may rust quickly

The Pioneer Accessories Hitch is a two-bike rack that can carry bikes heavier than any we’ve looked at so far: as much as 80 pounds for each unit. This immense weight capacity will be a great advantage in the event that you’re looking to load bikes that can truly destroy rough terrain trails, for example, durable off-road bikes and dashing bikes made for heavy-obligation tracks.

Because of this weight capacity, you’ll notice that the rack itself is fairly heavy and quite cumbersome. Installing the rack could come with some trouble, since its arrangement is difficult to manage, and your vehicle probably won’t be the perfect type envisioned by the manufacturer.
It should in any case work with most automotive hitches of the fitting size, but that wouldn’t shock us at all assuming you needed to place in a bit of real effort to get everything secured.

Despite this, the rest of the rack is made with excellent qualities and features to make it worth the work and money. The arms can be shifted down for easy loading and removal, and when the rack isn’t being used, it can be collapsed facing your vehicle, regardless of whether it is a bit heavy. No-wobble bolts are remembered for the rack’s construction to more solidly get heavy bikes. Moving bikes of that weight could cause harm to the vehicle or each other, so we’re delighted to see that they took the work to make sure they could handle everything a couple of 80-pound bikes involves.

Those bolts could rust a little more quickly in comparison to the rest of the rack, but some periodic maintenance and cleaning (which you should already do) will take care of those issues. Overall, we like it as a heavy-bike solution, expecting you wouldn’t fret placing your back into installing the rack safely.

10. Hollywood Racks Sportrider Se Hitch Rack – High-Quality and Compact

610mie4tdrL. AC SX522 min 1


  • Includes security cables
  • No-wobble installation without the need for complex tools
  • Adjustable wheel holders
  • Flattens against a car and tilts down for easy access


  • Heavy
  • Not super easy to adjust

At last, let’s look at the Hollywood Rack. Hollywood racks are well-known in the biking community for their durability and good quality, and we can see that reflected here. This rack can carry two bikes with a median weight: of as much as 50 pounds. You can install it all without a lot of muddled tools, and the rack integrates some no-wobble tech to keep the bikes secured and peaceful as you drive.

There are security cables that come with this purchase. These increase the value of the overall asking cost, which isn’t too bad considering the great of the rack. The cables can be used for their planned anti-robbery reason or to make extra certain that the bikes mounted on the rack will not be going anywhere.

The wheel clamps are adjustable for a variety of different bike types, although it doesn’t acknowledge fat tires. Barring that intriguing type, you should find that each kind of bike you should take out for a twist is workable with this hitch rack.
The crease-up part of this rack is extremely powerful, going almost level against your car when it’s set. This may be an issue, speculatively, as it could bang into your back window in case of a mishap. But there’s no rejecting that it’s handy when you need to fit the car into a packed garage or parking spot.

The wheel holders are adjustable, and we found that no matter what their setting, they grasped the wheels well enough that you should be happy with the degree of security you’ll get. Some cables are incorporated with the purchase for either an extra layer of voyaging security or for the inward feeling of harmony in the event that you are away from your vehicle for a brief time frame.

This rack is extremely heavy; be ready to use your muscles as you install it or lift it up to overlay against your car. In addition, the adjustable arms are tough to really move and manipulate. Both of these perspectives are aftereffects of how durable the rack is. You’re making a tradeoff, convenience for durability and a long lifespan. Because racks can already cost quite a ton, we observed that the tradeoff was worth it. Assuming you’d prefer to have a durable rack that takes a little work to move around than a less expensive but more straightforward model that you’ll need to replace in a few years, you will too.

Buying Guide – Best Hitch Bike Racks

Best Hitch Bike Racks reviews
Best Hitch Bike Racks

Now that you’ve seen all of the best hitch bike racks available, we’re going to explain how you can tell when a bike rack is worth your money. There are several key perspectives that are normal among great hitch racks and a few more that are ideal to have but aren’t completely essential for a good item.

The top features to look for in a hitch bike rack are adjustable arms, dimensions to fit your needs, foldability or collapsibility, durable construction, and a lock that fits 1.25 or 2-inch hitches. These features will let you use most hitch racks for most vehicles and can be considered the key features that mark versatility or widespread allure.

Then again, the perks that are great to have but aren’t genuinely important are safety lashes or extra cables, no-wobble bolts or comparable tech, foot pedals for changes, slant-down functionality, and four bike openings for twofold the standard number of bikes. We’ll explain how each of these factors can benefit you beneath.

Adjustable Arms

Most racks have adjustable arms between a certain range of tire sizes, for example, 2-4 inches or thereabouts. Others will be lower or higher. It’s intriguing that bike hitches have arms that can take “fat” tires with measurements of 5 inches or more.

Adjustable arms are a vital factor to look for while you’re finding a hitch bike rack. What difference does this make? Not all bike tires are the same and finding a hitch rack with arms that are perfect for your bike’s tire measurement will be for all intents and purposes incomprehensible. Instead of finding the perfect pair and limiting your use of the hitch to one size of tire, adjustable arms permit you to use the same rack for a variety of bikes.

However, in the event that you really do have fat tires of those specifications, you’ll need to make sure that your objective hitch’s arms can uphold your bike, or you’ll have squandered a lot of money in vain.
Thankfully, the tire range that hitches can support can be found on the container in an actual store or on any item page. This is considered a critical specialized perspective, so make sure to twofold check before you purchase.


This alludes to both the dimensions of the hitch rack and the dimensions of your car. Clearly, it’s basic that you pick a rack that can fit your car. The greater part of these racks will be fine for standard-size SUVs or pickup trucks, but you should twofold check just no doubt.

With regards to the best trailer hitch bike rack, attempt to find a rack that’s short enough to not add a ton of extra drag to your turns. Trailers are already troublesome enough to manage without adding a hitch that’s truly lengthy and can make driving dangerous or more muddled. Go for more limited, stockier racks instead of longer, lankier ones. This might mean that you won’t find a four-bike rack to be the best trailer hitch bike rack.


Best Hitch Bike Racks.
Best Hitch Bike Racks

The following significant perspective to consider while finding the best bike carrier is foldability. This kind of functionality is important because you aren’t going to want to withdraw the rack each time you need to leave your car in the garage or take up more space out and about of your area. At the point when the bikes are off, there’s no reason for the rack to be expanded.

Foldable bike racks can become definitely more modest thanks to their ability to press-facing your car. This will permit you to store the rack and keep it appended to the hitch when it’s not being used, saving you time and valuable garage space. While most bike racks have a foldability perspective to their plans, there are a few here and there that lack this significant element. Assuming you find that space is at a premium with regard to stop, this advantage is an unquestionable necessity for your bike rack.

Heavier bike hitch racks will clearly be more enthusiastic to lift up and get on your car. Assuming that you find that you experience difficulty lifting 50 pounds or more, you’ll need to find a rack that is lighter so that you can dependably maneuver it to take advantage of this element.


Then, verify how durable the rack is. This can be done by looking at the item portrayal and looking for terms connecting with the kind of material used for the rack’s construction. Most bike hitch racks are produced using steel or comparatively tough metal, so you should have no problem finding such a rack anywhere you look.

However, with regard to screws and pins, things aren’t so straightforward. Some hitch racks have screws and pins that are made of lesser materials. This isn’t generally a huge issue, since you can usually get modest replacements moderately quickly. However, metal screws are in every case better, because this usually translates to better security and a tighter fit for every one of the relevant bits of a rack.

Please, go for an all-metal model when you pick your hitch bike rack. But assuming you need to get one that has some plastic pieces, it’s not the apocalypse. The vast majority of the more premium or more costly bike hitch racks will renounce plastic completely, although this isn’t generally the situation.

Normal Lock

The lock for the hitch needs to have the option to take the hitch size your vehicle is furnished with. Since you most likely don’t have a quite certain, extraordinary hitch with its own exact dimensions, you can securely wager that the right hitch size for your vehicle is between 1.25 and 2 inches. This means that you should find a hitch rack that’s rated for hitches that size and nothing else.

Some racks are only suitable for 2-inch hitches, which will limit your choices somewhat. However, there are a lot of racks that can be purchased for variable hitch sizes or are even adjustable to some degree. Essentially, this is simply one more viewpoint you need to twofold check as part of your estimating before you make any last purchases.

The best method for handling these viewpoints is to investigate the car you’ll use with the hitch rack and look at these dimensions for yourself, write them down, and then start looking for the best bike rack hitch. Because the greater part of them are made for most hitch-ready vehicles, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty finding an acceptable model for your vehicle of choice.

Safety Straps

Best Hitch Bike Racks...
Best Hitch Bike Racks

Now let’s get into the extra features to check for. These are excellent additions to any hitch bike rack since they promptly further develop the security capability of any rack. Safety lashes add an additional layer of adjustment to any bikes secured in the clamps.

Most safety racks can be attached to lashes as per your specifications so you can use them for one bike, in particular, that may be a bit too little for your clamps. Or on the other hand, you can fold the tie over the whole assortment to keep them generally tightly kept intact. Clearly, don’t use this technique on the off chance that you’re stressed over the frames scratching each other as they travel.

Along the vein of extra safety materials, some hitch racks come with safety strings or belts that are meant to be added to the bikes to safeguard them against robbery or vandalism. They usually come with a lock or key and are great for safeguarding your bikes on the off chance that you need to leave the vehicle for a brief time.

While these are good to have, they’re excessive and should be looked at as some extra incentive for a purchase you were already going to make for other reasons. In the event that you truly want safety ropes for anti-robbery purposes, but they don’t come with your top bike rack pick, you can constantly get them separately for a minimal expense and add them to your kit.


A great deal of the best hitch bike racks come with some kind of anti-wobble tech or addition, usually as super-tight screws or a turning head that rides with the development of your vehicle. This fundamentally keeps the bikes from wobbling and shaking, which provides three benefits.

To start with, it makes them calmer as you drive. Assuming you’ve managed unbalanced bikes before, you know that listening to them constantly clatter can grate on one’s nerves quickly. Anti-wobble additions are good because they stop bikes from scouring or scratching against each other, too. At last, these keep bikes from conceivably shaking out of the clamps in the event that they weren’t gotten as expected; this kind of mistake can occur on the off chance that you drive over territory where there is a great deal of more modest knocks in a brief timeframe.

No-wobble tech or pieces aren’t needed, but they definitely drive the worth of any particular hitch rack up in our eyes. It’s most likely more essential assuming you’re going rough terrain driving for mountain biking or something comparative. In the event that you plan to adhere to the cleared streets, however, it’s less needed and simply a pleasant element to have.

Foot Pedals

These are excellent assuming that you disdain to bow down and wreck with the tight controls or change switches of some bike racks. These let you use your foot to make changes, lower the hitch rack, or delivery the bikes relying upon its exact function. The function of the foot pedal will contrast in view of the particular rack, so pay close attention to item depictions to make sure that it’s incorporated into would what you have in care.

This element can be particularly useful in the event that you can’t handle the tension and weight necessities to change a ton of present-day hitch racks. Consider who’s going to utilize the racks and take bikes now and again before you conclude that you need a foot pedal beyond a shadow of a doubt.


A slant-down highlight is along the same vein as the foot pedal, in that it makes it simpler to load or eliminate bikes from the hitch rack. The slant highlight needs to be reset after you’re done, however, because it can haul against the ground as you drive away on the off chance that you’re not paying attention.

In general, most bike racks will not be so high off the ground that this is an important element, but it can be handy relying upon the particular user or vehicle.

The slant-down highlight also needs to be checked much of the time to make sure that it all gets back into place before you start driving or while you’re folding the rack back facing the car for leaving. This is a joint that is defenseless to rust and other harm, so checking for these problems occasionally will save you from a migraine later on.

Four Slots

Most hitch bike racks can only carry two bikes next to each other. Of course, on the off chance that you plan on taking more bikes, you should look for a four-bike hitch rack to take everything at once. Know that these racks are quite often heavier than their two-bike counterparts and may require a little more work to install and change.

With four-bike racks, things like slant-down functionality and anti-wobble tech are more needed than with two-bike racks. You’ll manage more bikes at once, so the more quality of rack you get, the more. You should consider getting a more premium rack than not, since it’ll likely come with these types of perks from the get-go, including things like safety lashes to truly make sure that bumping won’t be an issue.

You should also check the dimensions carefully with regard to four-bike racks since not all cars are large enough to carry that many bikes. The more modest the car, the more carefully you should consider this angle.

Most four-bike racks aren’t going to have the space to help fat tire bikes, although there are exemptions for this standard. Usually, you’ll be more able to find two-bike racks that can fit in fat tires, however.

FAQs about Hitch Bike Racks

There are a ton of choices up there, which one should I buy?

It truly relies upon your needs. Assuming you need to store it somewhere off the car (like your garage), pick one that folds down a little or isn’t too heavy. In the event that you have a variety of sizes and states of bikes, get one with arms on two sides. Otherwise, go with whichever one fits your financial plan and your style… they’re all truly good.

Why are hitch bike racks so costly?

Because of all that testing, in addition to premium materials, legitimate designing and plan, and more. Here’s the arrangement: We’ve tried some pre-creation racks before and tracked down issues, so these name-brand brands push back the delivery date and fix the problems. Assuming brands that are experienced in making hitch racks don’t necessarily get it right on the primary attempt, could you believe that no-name online-only brands will? We wouldn’t.

Why should I get a name-brand hitch bike rack?

Do you want your bikes to show up at the same destination as you? On the off chance that indeed, know that every one of the brands listed here widely test their racks for strength, durability, and longevity. They test the coatings and equipment against street salt and other destructive elements. They go through thorough tests in the lab and out in nature. We’ve toured some of their central commands and seen the testing firsthand… it’s unlikely you’ll put these racks through the same torture, but it’s good to know they can take it.

For standard plate and hanging hitch bike racks, here are the best brands we suggest:

  • Thule
  • Yakima
  • Saris
  • Kuat
  • Rocky Mounts
  • Inno

We didn’t pick one from each brand for each classification, but with many items going all through stock so quickly, we wanted to provide you with a list of top caliber, trustworthy brands to browse in the event that you need to find a substitute. For the upstanding, vertical racks, go with one of the four brands shown.

Can I just leave it in my car all the time?

Most likely. Some of us do and have literally left the same rack on a vehicle all day, every day for more than three years. These racks see a ton of downpours, cross-country travels, and heat in the sun, and they’re fine. That said, we don’t reside on the coast, and we who live further north and drive in snowy conditions where there’s street salt and shower will quite often wash them off and store them in the garage when not being used.

A large portion of these racks use an aluminum frame, but the equipment and hitch bar is usually steel. So, use your judgment. If everything else metal is rusting around you from salt air or salt shower, you should most likely hose it off and store it somewhere dry when not being used.

Which size trailer hitch should I get?

In the event that you don’t already have a trailer hitch on your car, consistently go with a 2″ hitch assuming it’s advertised. Some more modest cars will only find 1-1/4″ hitches available because manufacturers expect you will not be towing greater, heavier loads, so they don’t offer 2″ hitches for the majority smaller cars.

Assuming you plan on adding any expansions to your rack and carrying more than two bikes, you’ll need a 2″ hitch to handle that weight. You’ll also need a 2″ hitch in the event that you plan on adding a swing-away connector or anything else that broadens or expands your carrying capacity.

Where do I get a trailer hitch installed?

We usually go to U-Take, but a quick Google search will give you neighborhood choices. Here’s the stunt: On the off chance that you’re only truly going to use this for a bike rack, tell them you only need the hitch, not the wiring tackle. The wiring outfit is only for connecting to a trailer to enact its brake and sign lights, but you don’t need that for a bike rack… except if you’re in Europe, or getting one of the newer racks that incorporate lights. Many European bike racks have brake lights and blinkers on them, and there are some U.S. models getting those now. But in the event that you’re looking to save a few bucks and don’t plan on towing anything, you don’t need that for the time being.

Conclusion – Best Hitch Bike Racks

Above all, get the hitch bike rack that’s ideal for your needs, paying little mind to what the reviews say or what’s right now the most well-known available. These are tools that are supposed to help you and your bikes, but they will not be very useful in the event that you get some unacceptable rack that doesn’t fit your bike’s tires, for instance. In addition, we prescribe paying attention to cost and considering the time span you plan to use the rack.

With regards to value, it’s in every case better to purchase a more costly hitch bike rack that will last you for quite a long time into the future as opposed to buying a shoddy bike rack for less of an initial expense. This is because a modest bike rack is likely to come up short and cause inconvenience the more you use it.

This is both bad financially and also conceivably dangerous; you’re towing bikes at the back of your car, all things considered. Getting a good rack that you don’t need to replace in a year is likely to save you money overall and better safeguard your bikes and vehicle.

Overall, picking the best choice for your hitch bike rack will wind up fulfilling you more than settling. Settling with safety hardware is never a shrewd thought, anyway! We trust that this guide has given you the data you need to find the best hitch bike rack for your needs. Knowing early what to purchase and why it’s worth the expense is the best technique to save time and money and guarantee fulfillment with your purchase. Whether you’re planning on mountain biking or taking a picturesque ride with the children in the recreation area, we truly want to believe that you live it up with your new bike rack! Don’t neglect to carry a battery charger, a pneumatic machine, and other stuff which is important for your car.

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