Car Shipping From New York To Florida In 2022

Car Shipping From New York To Florida

Are you escaping the New York winter in Florida? Every year thousands of people move there. Don’t miss the chance to embark upon your journey to the land of great opportunity. Save yourself a big hit to your wallet- the long drive with several days on the highway with other expenses.

 You need a reliable car transport service that is committed to meeting all of your vehicle shipping needs. Long-distance towing is right there for you to place a car shipping service order within the United States and 99% of the globe.

Our advanced network of open and enclosed auto transporters nationwide serves you with a safe and reliable way to ship a car from New York to Florida whether it’s a car or truck, van, boat, motorcycle, or RV.

We provide shipping service from New York NY to Florida, or from Florida to Long Island, NY  in 2-3 days at an awesome price.

New York to Florida Auto Transport

Car Shipping From New York To Florida.
Car Shipping From New York To Florida

The distance between New York and Florida varies substantially. Although they are miles along some of the country’s busiest, most heavily-trafficked interstates, you can go from Manhattan to Jacksonville in under 1000 miles. If you travel from the farthest points in those states, such as upstate Plattsburgh to Miami, the distance can exceed 1,600 miles. That’s a drive that suddenly appears to be a bit too much for you!

There’s a lot to consider while making this lifestyle change. Hire pros to handle this long-distance transfer and avoid the hassles of transferring a vehicle! Driving your car, truck, or SUV to your new house may seem like a nice plan, but 1,000 miles may not seem like a long distance. However, there are other variables to consider before embarking on the journey. Fuel expenditures and lodging rates are additional expenses, as is the time spent driving this distance. Putting 950 to 1,600 miles on your car isn’t only about increasing the engine’s mileage. Paint and body damage can be caused by road debris and weather conditions.

On congested highways, accidents can happen at any time, especially if you’re distracted by other moving headaches. Why put yourself in the position of having to deal with these concerns? Allow the experts at Long Distance Towing to handle it. Pay us to handle the hassles of auto shipment so you may concentrate on other critical responsibilities!

Auto Transport Service

Car Shipping From New York To Florida..
Car Shipping From New York To Florida

Door-To-Door Delivery offers easy and convenient door-to-door car transport services from New York to Florida. We just pick up your car from your home in one state and deliver it to your home in another. Car transportation from door to door is the most efficient method of travel.

Expedited Delivery

Do you need your automobile delivered quickly? For an extra fee, we can provide expedited auto transport services. Your vehicle will be delivered to your location in record time.

Auto Transport Type

Car Shipping From New York To Florida...
Car Shipping From New York To Florida

Depending on the type of vehicle you have there are different types of auto transport carriers. Open carriers with the capacity of up to 10 vehicles are the most common auto transport method shipped in the United States. It’s the lowest-cost method with the highest number of regular trips between New York and Florida having the greatest number of cars onto a single trailer for a single trip. 

Enclosed transports offer even greater protection from plenty of road and wind damage giving you peace of mind for antique, classic, and exotic vehicles. This method is slightly more expensive as the trailers themselves are more expensive to provide protection, and they can’t fit as many vehicles as the open carriers. 

Auto Transport Cost

Car Shipping From New York To Florida
Car Shipping From New York To Florida

Car shipping will cost according to the different services you adopt from each auto transport company and from where in the state you are shipping from and sending your vehicle.

A pick-up or drop-off point along a major highway, or a shared stop with other passengers on the transporter, may help keep expenses down; however, requesting door-to-door delivery to a difficult-to-reach area can raise them. If you’re shipping via open carrier, you might be able to do it for under $1000, depending on the company you work with. If you employ covered shipping, one-car or two-car trailers, or other unique ways, your costs can easily double.

Working Methodology

Selecting for car shipping from New York to Florida is a warm handshake with a trusted vehicle shipping company with vast experience in the industry. You will have access to the lowest rates and safest transport options for your car as we work with the most reliable carriers across the country.

If you want to send a car across the country safely, inexpensively, and swiftly, start with a free car shipping quote — we make it simple to compare different carrier pricing side by side. You can book and track your vehicle’s voyage from the same user-friendly website once you’ve chosen your carrier.

Transparent price – We always tell you how much shipping will cost before you order, so there are no surprises.

Vehicle pickup — We will pick up your vehicle from your home, do a pre-trip examination, and load it with care.

Vehicle delivery — After your car’s voyage, we deliver it to you, unload it, and do a final examination.

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