Contours RX Lids By Design Reviews – What are the benefits of buying this eyelid tape? 

Contours RX Lids By Design Reviews

Having double eyelids is a highly desirable quality in determining attractiveness in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Korea, and others. Many people, particularly Koreans, are born with mono lids, which is why the majority of them desire double eyelids; they can’t modify nature’s cause. So, for the treatment of mono lids, inventors produced an eyelid tape like the Contours RX Lids by Design product as an alternative to “double eyelid surgery,” also known as “blepharoplasty” 1.

Although there are a variety of reasons why someone might want to use eyelid tape, it isn’t simply for people who have mono lids. Many people desire to improve their natural beauty for forthcoming events or to appear nice to the opposite gender while maintaining core contentment, which is an important aspect of healthy living.

Others, who are fast aging, may never want to appear their age. For the sake of self-gratification, they pimp themselves to appear 10 times younger than they are. Yes, it’s fun to look good all day. And it’s for this reason that you’ve come across these contoured RX Lids reviews.

So, in this article, we’ll go over the Contours RX lids by design reviews, including its characteristics, benefits, cons, and pros, as well as a manual on how to use and apply the contours Rx lids, available nations to buy from, consumer reports, and manufacturing business information. Let’s get started.

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If you’re new to eyelid tapes and seeing this for the first time, I understand you might be a little perplexed. So, before we get into the meat of this article – Contours Rx Lids By Design Reviews – let me take a moment to describe “eyelid tape” for you.

What is Eyelid tape?

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An eyelid tape (also known as crease tape) is a clear, thin strip that is applied to the eyes to create a temporary crease or fold for aesthetic purposes. Every lady who cares about her appearance can benefit from an eyelid tape. Whether you have monolids or not, eyelid tape will make you look better than ever. There are several types of eyelid tapes, but the Contours Rx Lids by Design are the most recent and popular. The goods (contours RX Lids) are quite popular in Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Korea, where having “double eyelids” is greatly desired.

What are Contours RX Lids by Design?

LIDS BY DESIGN, also known as Contours Rx Lids by Design, is a medical-grade eyelid tape and a non-surgical cosmetic designed to rapidly correct droopy or hooded eyelids. Contours Rx, LLC in St. Petersburg, Europe, makes the eyelid tape that goes with the Neck Rescue products. They are ideal eye cosmetic products that are currently popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

11 Features of Lids by Design Reviews

Here are some of the outstanding characteristics that have made Lids by Design so popular:

  1. NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION: In the past, patients with monolids had to undergo surgery to have double eyelids implanted. This is a high-risk strategy, as not everyone who tried it had the best outcomes. The beauty of contours Rx Lids by Design is that it re-contours your eyelids and provides you the total confidence you want without the use of surgery.
  2. DO IT YOURSELF (DIY): Lids by Design is an eyelid tape that you may apply yourself. By staring in the mirror, you can correct it on your own. You’ve saved money on surgery as well as money on paying a cosmetic artist for a quick fix by doing so.
  3. CORRECT ASYMMETRY (Uneven Eyelids): This feature was not met by the majority of eyelids on the market. Your un-even eyelids will be fully repaired with the Lids by Design or contoured RX lids by Design.
  4. IMMEDIATE RESULTS: Unlike surgery or fillers, you won’t have to wait several minutes to hours for your eyelids to settle. The contoured RX Lids provide you with an immediate response once you’ve applied them appropriately. Because the strips are translucent, they blend in readily when they come into touch with your eyes.
  5. DEFINE YOUR EYELIDS: By defining the appearance of your eyelids, you can achieve the ideal age. If you’re becoming older and losing your lids, the contouring RX Lids by Design might help you look younger and happier. These Lids by Design can be blended into any chosen facial tone to give you a younger look.
  6. MEDICAL GRADE (SAFE TO WEAR): The lids by Design are produced to medical-grade standards by medical professionals, so you shouldn’t have any allergic reactions while wearing them. As a result, I can confidently state that the contours RX lids by Design are perfectly safe to wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  7. LATEX-FREE: The Lids by Design are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and completely safe for any lady to wear, especially our elderly parents.
  8. Translucent IN APPEARANCE: The lids by Design have a transparent appearance, which allows them to adapt to any skin tone and allow other cosmetics to be applied without flaws.
  9. MULTIPLE STRIPS IN ONE PACK: For the lowest price, the contours RX lids by Design come with over 80 strips in one PACK.
  10. AFFORDABLE: Depending on the procedure, eyelid surgery might cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. But why jeopardize your appearance by undergoing surgery at such a high cost when you can spend less than $50 on the contours RX lids by Design for an even better result?
  11. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Lids by Design has a lot of trustworthiness in its characteristics. That is why Contours RX, LLC is required to provide a 100% money-back guarantee to customers who acquire their lids and are dissatisfied with them within 30 days of purchase. “When they can’t assure it, it shouldn’t be trusted,” as the phrase goes. So you have nothing to lose by purchasing contours RX LIDS by DESIGN TODAY, which comes with a 30-day REFUND POLICY.

Benefits of using Contours Rx Lids by Design Review

As we mentioned in the opening, there are numerous advantages to having RX Lid by Design contours in one’s cosmetics arsenal. Here are a few examples:

  • Contours RX Lids by Design are simple to install.
  • They are transparent and suitable for all skin tones, and when used on top of other cosmetics, they mix seamlessly.
  • Excess skin that conceals the natural fold of the Lid and drooping skin over the eyelashes are corrected with the Lid by Design.
  • The contours Rx lids by design reviews are Dermatologically tested by medical experts.
  • Lids by Design are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and fully safe to wear all day.
  • Organic substances were utilized in the creation of Design’s lids, making them seem natural to wear.
  • You may rapidly lift hooded, drooping, and sagging eyelids with the lids by Design.
  • Asymmetry is improved with Lid by Design’s contours.
  • The Contours RX is a patented design. Wearing patent-made eyelids for beauty pageants or pageants makes you feel like a star.
  • When you use Contours RX Lids By Design, you obtain long-term results. This allows you to spend less time in front of the computer and boosts your self-esteem to new heights.
  • By Design, using the lids is risk-free. It is not the case with surgeries and fillers.
  • The use of eyelid tapes is getting more common by the day, resulting in a plethora of phony eyelid tapes on the market. You don’t want to be disappointed with your purchase, so consider the contours RX Lids by design company’s 30-day money-back guarantee before making your decision. For that lower price, a trial will not be tainted.
  • Adding the contours RX lids by Design to your cosmetic kit and regimen will provide you with a slew of extra advantages.


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  • EASY TO APPLY: The Design lids are simple to use. It’s a do-it-yourself product that instantly adds glitz to your appearance.
  • NO MORE HOODING, DROOPING, OR SAGGING EYELIDS: The lids aid to prevent drooping, hooding, and sagging eyelids by design.
  • NO-SURGICAL APPLICATION: Those ladies who are afraid of surgery will rejoice to learn that they can now improve their facial expression without piercing the skin surface.
  • CONTOURS RX LIDS COME IN A Range OF STRIP SIZES: The contours RX lids are available in a variety of strip sizes. As a result, it is the greatest option for all types of human demand.
  • VERY AFFORDABLE: Yes, the LIDS by Design is extremely cost-effective and provides even higher levels of customer satisfaction than most of its competitors.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FOR ALL CUSTOMERS: You’ve never bought RX Lids by Design contours before? Don’t waste any more time because the organization guarantees complete customer happiness. However, you can still read some consumer reports under the topics below.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: The lids by Design come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a complete refund policy.


  • BATCH PRODUCTION: Lids by Design are made in batches by the firm, curves RX lids, LLC. When there is a significant volume of demand from a specific set, this results in product unavailability.
  • LIMITED Merchandise: Each batch has a certain amount of stock to sell.
  • RETAILERS’ HIGH SELLING COSTS: The majority of retailers profiteer on the sale price. They buy in bulk from the company’s official web store at a low cost and resell at a higher rate offline. And you might not even notice an offline merchant for the shapes RX lids by Design in most places.
  • THE COMPANY DOES NOT HAVE AN OFFLINE STORE: If you want to buy a product directly from the contours Rx firm, you must do so through the contours RX Lids online store, which the company provides and manages. Many people would have wanted to shop online, but they aren’t as tech-savvy and wouldn’t know how to use their debit card to make an online purchase.
  • RETURN BEFORE REFUND: This is not a requirement, but we included it because of a few online complaints from consumers who were unable to return the contoured RX lids by Design and desired a refund. The majority of their justifications for the return are that they bought the same goods somewhere else before the one they ordered online arrived.

Specifications of Contours Rx Lids by Design Reviews

The Contours LIDS BY DESIGN Assortment Pack includes the following items:

  • To achieve your optimal lift, choose a 5mm size. This can give you a mild lift that you can wear to work every day or when you want to dress up your look for nights out or special occasions. There are other sizes as well; we’ll go over them later in this review.
  • One box contains 80 correction strips. This is more than a month’s worth of strips, plus some extras to practise with.
  • A set of plastic tweezers and a travel case The purpose of the journey is to protect your lids from dust and other contaminants. The pair of tweezers included will assist you in applying the strips to your eyelids.

How to apply contours Rx Lids by Design (Contours RX Lids by Design reviews)

So you’ve ordered and received your lids by design; now you’re stumped and wonder, “How do you apply lids by design?” Even if it’s basic, we still need to walk you through the steps.

After you’ve received your item, look inside the carton for the contouring Rx Lids by design manual. It’s simple to use RX Lids by Design to create curves. Lids by Design can be applied in the same manner as other eyelid tapes 2 with the plastic tweezers included in the package (popularly known as an eyelid prong). Procedures are listed below:


Clean your face thoroughly: Before using the contours RX eyelid tape, you’ll want to make sure your face is as clean as possible. You can use an eye makeup remover to remove all prior makeup from your eyes, and then thoroughly cleanse your face. After washing your face, pat it dry with a dry towel and allow it to air for 5 minutes. This first step will ensure that the contoured RX Lid tape sticks nicely to the skin when applied and stays put throughout the day.


Peel off the strip with the plastic tweezers and trim as needed: Peel the lids by Design strips away from the backing with a pair of tweezers or your fingertips. You’ll also need to remove the piece of plastic that covers the contoured lid strip. The strips may be the perfect size for your eyelids, or they may need to be trimmed to fit. The contoured RX lids by Design, on the other hand, come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to simply select the ideal fit for you.


Determine the best location for the contoured RX Lids: You should gently insert the strip along the new crease that you want to make with your eyelid fork. When using the eyelid prong on your eyes, be very careful.


Apply the eyelid tape (Contours RX Lids by Design) to your crease while closing your eyes: So now that you’ve discovered the crease you want to construct, you can insert the RXLids by Design contours in the exact spot where you want to make the new crease. Then gently press inwards with your eyelid prong. Open your eyes and hold them wide for a few seconds as you press with the prong, then withdraw it while keeping your eyes open.

If your eyelid tape did not firmly hold your new crease after step 4, apply the eyelid adhesive to the contours Rx lids, and you should be fine.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Lids by Design (Contours RX Lids by Design Reviews)

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Contours RX Lids By Design Reviews

Here are before and after photos of RX Lids by Design contouring.

Where to buy Lids by Design (Contours RX Lids by Design Reviews)

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Lids By Design Reviews

Lids by Design can be purchased directly from the company’s website. Many vendors, however, sell contours RX Lids by Design on Amazon and eBay, and some even buy wholesale online and resell at a higher price offline.

If you buy Lids by Design from a merchant other than contours RX Lids, LLC, you may only request returns and refunds through your seller since contours RX Lids, LLC will not recognize you because you didn’t buy straight from the official store. This does not imply that you will not receive a refund; rather, you should receive your refund from your seller while your seller returns the items to the corporation and receives his reimbursement.

Let me share a short tale about Lids by Design from a 55-year-old MUM (An extract from Contours RX Lid by Design official store)

“I turned 50 a few months ago,” says the author.

“I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown as I prepared for my opulent birthday supper. I was looking through my closet and realized I didn’t have anything to wear. I looked in the mirror and noticed that my face was wrinkled, my eyes were sleepy, and I didn’t recognize myself.”

“I summoned my buddy Mariah to provide moral support. She is 55 years old, recently retired, and always looks stunning. She exudes confidence and wears her age nicely.”

“I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, Mariah!” says the narrator. On the floor of my walk-in closet, I was sobbing.”

“If we’re going to book reservations for your birthday, you have to get off the floor!” She laughed and pushed me up from the floor. I suppose it was amusing to witness a grown woman crying about her outfit.”

“When I turned 50, I went through the same thing.” Heck, I had a nervous breakdown when I hit 30! I know it doesn’t appear so, but I’ve struggled to accept my aging body, particularly my face. This caught me completely off guard. She’s usually so self-assured!”

“Would you like to learn a small secret?” I have a morning routine that makes me feel young, beautiful, and confident before I begin my day… After a morning workout and a wonderfully healthy smoothie, I apply correction strips to my eyes and take a good hot shower. That’s all there is to it! I’m all set to walk out the door. There isn’t any eyeshadow or cosmetics on her face. “It’s just my natural face plus an eyelift!” Maria’s advice is invaluable!

How to Remove Lids by Design from the eyes (Contours RX Lids by Design Reviews)

Lids by Design eyelid tapes can be removed in a variety of ways.

  • Splash water on your face, making sure it gets into your open eyes. Rep until you’ve successfully removed the lashes or eyelid tapes on all of them.
  • Rinse your eyelids by lowering them into a bowl of water and then washing them until the eyelid tapes are totally removed.
  • You can also remove lids by Design and eyelashes with your fingers by holding your thumb on the upper eyelid while attempting to remove the eyelid tape and eyelashes.

FAQs on Lids by Design reviews

Do lids by design really work?

Yes, Lids by Design is effective, as evidenced by the before and after photos and videos displayed above. You can also read customer reviews to discover what other people think of the curves rx lids by design.

Are lids by design safe?

Yes, the lids are safe to use because of their design. The lids by Design are developed to medical-grade standards by medical specialists, so you shouldn’t have any adverse reactions when wearing them. As a result, I can confidently state that the contours RX lids by Design are perfectly safe to wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long can you wear lids by design? (Lids by Design review)

The Design lids can be worn all day and then washed off in the evening bath. It’s formulated with medical-grade ingredients that keep your skin looking natural for as long as it’s on your face.

Is it possible to purchase Lids by Design on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy?

Lids by Design is sold by retailers on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other online buying sites. However, we recommend purchasing directly from the company’s own website at

Which of the Lids by Design Assortment Pack should I buy?

The contours RX Lids review is available in a variety of pack sizes. We have the following:

  • 3mm Lids by Design
  • 4mm Lids by Design
  • 5mm Lids by Design
  • 6mm Lids by Design
  • 7mm Lids by Design
  • 8mm Lids by Design

Also available in several assortment pack sizes. A beauty makeup professional can help you determine the exact size that matches your eyelids and brings forth your finest facial expression.

Which country should I buy the Lids by Design from?

This Contours RX Lids by Design Review is applicable to whatever country from which you are purchasing. You are highly qualified to buy from the company’s official sales store here whether you are buying the Lids by Design from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, or anywhere else.


It’s taken you a long time to go through these lids by design reviews, and I know you’re more interested in our final judgments on the product; but, we’ve covered all you need to know about the contours RX Lid product review in great depth. So now it’s up to you to decide whether to buy or not. When you acquire something, you should be grateful at the end of it, and if you don’t like what you get, you can request a refund within the first 30 days.

The current contours Lids By Design Product review promo is only available to first-time buyers, and it won’t last long. You can take advantage of this chance right now and make a purchase.

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