How to Break The Spell or Curse Someone Put on You

How to Break The Spell or Curse Someone Put on You

Do you believe you’ve been cursed or hexed by dark magic, or that someone is using black magic on you? The whole event might be frightening, and nightmares can keep you awake at night.

So, if you’ve been cursed or someone has cast a spell on you, what should you do or practice? To overcome this curse, you might employ a variety of strategies. For example, some people believe that taking a regular salt bath or smudging oneself will help to clear any evil magic directed at your family or yourself.

Try and Smudging your Inner Energy

You can cast away some black magic spells with a selenite wand by just sweeping it down or away from you in this trick. Selenite is a white rectangular crystal recognized for its cleansing and purifying properties. Simply hold the wand about five to ten inches away from your face. Then sweep the crystal down your hands, starting from your shoulder or head, to cleanse and purify the aura. You can do this twice more with positive energy till you’re satisfied. In Asia, this method is used to expel negative energy and black magic attachments such as small spells.

Light a Sage bundle and waft the smoke with a Magic Feather.

Another method for reversing a curse is to store your sage bundle in any heatproof container. Then light one end of the sage and blow out the fire, leaving a smoldering sage emission. Then, using magic or a regular feather, sweep the smoke away from your head or body. Traditional healers always advise and urge that you begin with your head and work your way down to your hands and feet.

Recite a Cleansing Spell or say a regular prayer.

While you’re trying to figure out what it is, say some magic prayers with the purpose of removing the curse’s negative energy. Make it explicit in your spell prayers that you are certain the curse will be removed or broken, for nothing but faith can move mountains. “Earth, water, air, and fire, be a part of my narrative and answer my lone request, remove and dispel this negative energy and black magic that has been directed at me, I believe you and am confident you will cure me,” Because this natural power is used by wicked sprites, you can utilize the Lamb of God to heal you by praying to be free of all curses, bad luck, or any other powers that may have infiltrated your family. Remember to trust because, in the end, it is your faith that will heal you, so you should entrust the process, even if the holy scriptures break it down to your faith, before praying.

Try working out or meditating.

A curse is sometimes referred to as a state of mind, and if you train or convince your mind that it is cursed, it may react to some dark reaction that comes with illusions, leading you to believe that you are cursed. You may counteract this by keeping yourself busy or engaged, and the greatest treatment for swearing is to forget about it and think about something else. You can try to do something nice for the community, and they will pray for you as a result, which is the finest remedy there is.

If you discover yourself being cruel to others, apologize as soon as possible. Not everyone is the same. Some people have the ability to wreck your life; be pleasant and you will avoid such situations.

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