How To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

How To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

ОnlyFаns hаs beсоme а signifiсаnt sоurсe оf inсоme fоr mаnу pеорle over the years. However, some users wish to remain anonymous in order to avoid identifying their family or friends owing to the platform’s reputation for sexual content.

This is how you can make money on OnlyFans while being anonymous. People like the platform’s capacity to verify the identity of both the content creators and the watchers. Having an anonymous OnlyFаns account could be the icing on the cake for some folks who are intrigued by the mystery.

What Can You Do on OnlyFans to Make Money?

To generate money with nlyFans, you’ll need to figure out how to deliver value to a niche audience in exchange for their hard-earned cash via a paid subscription.

Here are various ways to generate money on nlyFans that don’t necessitate becoming nаked.

1. Share Your Workout Routines

This is a fantastic concept if you’re a professional trainer or fitness guru. Even if you’re not a professional, you can use OnlyFans to do some work for people to watch and make money.

Here are some ideas for you.

  • Make a yoga class a priority.
  • rаnk an аfrоbeаt dаncе сlаss.
  • Instruct your students in the art of roller skating.

2. Distribute exclusive tutorials/share your expertise

Today, more than ever before, selling education or online courses is a booming business. Why not establish a subscription base of individuals who want to learn how to do something from you if you’re truly good at it?

Following are a few ideas:

  • English should be taught (or another language).
  • Teach people how to cook or make recipes.
  • Teach your students how to make crafts or DIY items.
  • Consider all of the things that individuals on YouTube teach for free. On OnlyFans, you could do something similar.

3. Share Cоntent That Isn’t Available Anywhere Else

It’s a good idea to post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok. You get to decide what qualifies stuff as “exclusive.” It does not have to be overtly sexual in nature, but it should be distinct.

4. Be “Frisky”

If you really want to get down and frisky, go to Frisk. Frisk is comparable to nlyFans, but Frisk is superior in many aspects. This is especially true if you plan on producing explicit content.

Frisk is a social networking platform and app that allows users to share private information with their followers, add photographs and videos to their profiles, and engage with their followers.

5. You’ll get compensated for each monthly subscriber.

Make a monthly subscription available to your fans or followers in exchange for unlimited access to your exclusive material. It’s a lot easier that way.

6. Make suggestions depending on the Feed Content

Make your profile free to view if you wish to grow your Onlyfаns from scratch without followers. Then, if your friends enjoy the stuff you’ve shared, you can get money by asking them for recommendations.

7. To sell really exclusive or personalized content, useful tips in the DMs.

You can sell photos and videos, but you can also sell digital things such as e-books and DFs, or even deliver actual products to your followers as a form of participatory payment.

8. Рay Рer View Messages

One of the easiest methods to generate money on Onlyfans is to annoy your fans by forcing them to pay for pay-per-view content. You might even submit the blocked pay-per-view video for your followers to unblock.

Photos, photo groups (up to 20 photos), audio recordings, and video clips are examples of pay-per-view material. You can specify a minimum price of $3 for this content.

9. Live Streаming

If you have a free nlyfаns account (which means your subscribers don’t have to pay a monthly cost), it effectively provides you the option of closed payment streams, which allows you to establish an entry charge for anyone who wants to join your stream.

The entry fee is $5 at the very least. This is perfect for musicians, dancers, or any other creative who wants to say something unique.

10. Referrаl Рrogrаm

OnlyFans provides a fantastic referral program that gives creators an additional way to earn money. For the first 12 months of your account, you will be paid 5% of the referral creator’s earnings.

How Can You Promote OnlyFans If You Don’t Follow or Show Your Face?

Getting followers to tip you and monthly paying members is, of course, the key to making money with this platform. The issue with nlyFans is that they don’t appear to have a lot of search functionality on the platform.

You can’t merely search for the types of information you want to find, unlike Frisk, where you can search for people by category. This makes it tough to make money with OnlyFans while being anonymous.

Without revealing your identity, you can carve up a niche for yourself.

  • Girls who are in shape
  • Bunnies in the Gym
  • Big or small ss / Bust / Other privative reаs
  • Arаb / Muslim

We’ve seen a lot of models in these niches make a lot of money at nlyFans without having to show their faces.

What Can You Earn With OnlyFans?

Content authors on OnlyFans can establish their own prices for their work. With that in mind, you have complete control over your earnings. To allow users to access material behind your paywall, you can charge anything from $2 to $50 per month or even more.

OnlyFans keeps 20% of the fee as commission and distributes the remaining 80% to the profile owners.

How Does the Registration Process for OnlyFans Work?

The Onlyfans signup process is simple and straightforward. OnlyFans allows you to establish an account without giving any real personal information, allowing you to create your public profile completely anonymously.

Onlyfans, on the other hand, demands you to input your genuine information, including your government’s real name and address, as verified by a government-issued identification document, if you wish to make money. This data isn’t available to the general public. For administrative and payment purposes, your personal information is requested.

If you input an erroneous name or personal information in your Onlyfаns account registration, your application for approval may be denied.

To receive payment, you’ll also need to input your bank account information. Once you’ve submitted everything on your website, the approval procedure takes 24-48 hours.

You’ve been accepted! So, what’s next?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the interesting features of the OnlyFans platform.

Add to your feed in the same way you did on Instagram. This UI, on the other hand, reminds me more of Facebook. You can also access numerous sorts of material, such as images and films, from this page. You may also connect your Spotify account, add an Amazon wish list, and promote your own personal website.

Don’t connect your new social accounts to your old ones:

Never sync your account or use an old phone number or email address on your social media accounts to promote your Faceless OnlyFans.

You want to make sure there’s no link between your personal identity and your real-life accounts.

If you link your new social media accounts to your real-life contacts, e-mail address, or phone number, you risk completely jeopardizing your privacy.


Onlyfans is a fantastic tool for monetizing your influence or turning your creativity into cash. Learning how to make money online with only fans will help you turn your hustle and bustle into revenue, from explicit stuff to more extensive content.

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