How to Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package?

How to Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package?

Despite the fact that there are numerous sayings that size doesn’t matter, girls always choose a man who comes in a small package. Though unspoken, the size of a man’s masculinity is important to most women. Most of them would rather have a longer frankfurter than become accustomed to using a toothpick.

It’s not as simple to discern if a guy has a small package as you may think. To at least approximate how much he’s packing, you’ll need to combine some observations with some tactics. Fortunately, that is why we are creating this article. It goes over some pointers for determining the size of your partner’s package.

8 Ways to Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package

Here are some simple techniques to measure the size of your man’s package if you’re desperate to know. What you should know is that unless you measure it, you may not get the right size. Furthermore, we must caution you that size of your man’s package may permanently alter your bedroom experience, particularly if you discover that he isn’t as huge as you expected.

1: Is he preoccupied with his physical appearance?

The first sign that your boyfriend is a little package is if he’s always inspecting himself in the mirror and bragging about his flawlessness. He always tries too hard to appear his finest all the time, as if his penis is incapable of doing so.

Complexes are unappealing, especially when they are something you can’t change and are quite visible. Your guy will always want to improve his appearance if he has a needle he can’t mend. And remaining on top of his appearance will always take precedence over anything else.

2: His Style of Seating

Sitting in various positions reveals different aspects of one’s personality. The way a man sits might reveal a lot about his personal space. As you might expect, crossing your legs comfortably is tough when you have a large item in your lap pocket.

If your man sits with his legs open all the time, he can find it easier to keep huge in his pants free in this position. If he keeps his legs crossed, the opposite will happen.

3: Look at Him in Tight Pants.

Another approach to determine the size of his package is to examine the size of his slim jeans or pants imprint. How’s it going? Disappointing?

Although his penis will remain flaccid for the most part, it will grow in size at some point. It will leave an imprint on the jeans if it is bulky. If nothing forms when he wears tight jeans, it’s a sure clue that there’s something serious going on.

4: Constantly brags about his package

Is your partner often bragging about how great his package is? Don’t be fooled; he doesn’t have anything to offer. As he deceives himself, he is urgently attempting to persuade you that he is good and that size doesn’t matter. Since he knows he has nothing between his legs, he’ll continue to tell you how small the condoms are.

5: Examine his Hands and Fingers

According to several scientists, the difference in length between the index and ring fingers can be used to determine the size of the penis.

According to studies, the smaller the gap between these two fingers, the larger the package. Furthermore, some people believe that men with huge hands have a larger penis.

6: The bigger his nose, the better the package.

Along Roman nose was once, and still is, a must-have for males looking for someone with whom to have sexual relations. Today, the same theory is still in use. The package size can be estimated using the general size or length.

But keep in mind that we live in the age of plastic surgery, and anyone can get a nose job that looks almost normal. If your man is planning on getting a nose job, reconsider. It could be an indication that he’s traveling light. It is, however, a tactic that has yet to be scientifically validated.

7: Check his shoe size; the bigger the shoe size, the better the package.

What is the size of your guy’s shoe? Is it a baby size or a ten-and-up size? Take a look at it. In principle, the size of your guy’s shoe corresponds to the size of his penis.

He’s a little package with small foot size. But don’t rely solely on this method. When combined with other indicators, it can provide a more accurate picture.

8: He’s Great at Oral Sex and Foreplay

There’s a reason why your lover takes the time to get you moist before slipping his package into you. Unless he’s been practicing with other females to become flawless, he’ll probably be packing light.

Men with small packages will usually try to compensate by edging your climax so you don’t have time to see how big they are carrying. And no one will notice a man carrying a tiny bag asking for a BJ or even mentioning it. When you’re in bed, on the other hand, he’s constantly trying to get down there before you can react.

Final Thoughts

You understandably want to know how large your man’s package is before dating him. However, determining the exact length will be difficult. Even the above-mentioned tactics aren’t going to cut it, especially because the majority of them are just theories.

Only by getting up and personal with it will you be able to gauge its size. Also, don’t forget that the size of the package has nothing to do with improved sexual intercourse. It’s possible that being too huge will cause harm!

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