LED Lighting System For TTF Recreation  Automotive

LED Lighting for cars

Are you looking for a safe ride for driving at night? Need signaling to other passage users? Eclairage automobile serves the best purpose for you.

Choose the correct type of headlight bulb for your automobile- high-powered LEDs or halogen bulbs ensuring visibility, a perfect fit for your car model, and safety while driving.

Next-tech France is a top-of-the-line French brand that specializes in automotive lighting for TTF recreation automotive including two-wheeled vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, and even quads.

New T10 W5W LED Next Tech min
Next-tech France

LED Lighting For TTF Recreation  Automotive

LED lighting for cars is one of the most popular upgrade options due to its attractiveness and numerous benefits.

LED lights are recognized for having a long life duration, up to 20 years, which means they will more than make up for the extra expense because you will rarely need to replace them. LED lights can:

  • Enhance visibility
  • Are incredibly energy-efficient, requiring less power from your vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Are simple to set up

Types of LED Lighting For TTF Recreation  Automotive

LED Lighting for cars
LED Lighting for cars

There are two types of LED lights available for your vehicle: dual-beam and single-beam.


High and low beam functionalities are integrated into a single bulb unit in dual-beam headlights like Ampoule H4 LED. The bulb can be altered from high to low when it is turned on. A dual-beam headlight has only one headlight.


Single-Beam Bulbs like Ampoule H7 LED, have different bulbs for high and low beams. When one bulb is turned on, the other goes dark. If your vehicle supports single-beam headlights, you’ll have two separate spots for each bulb on either side.

How To Choose LED Lighting For TTF Recreation  Automotive

  • Installing LED lighting with a few simple steps may let you enjoy the benefits of your new efficient lights. 
  • Make sure to have ample room as LED lights take up more space under the hood than halogen lights.
  • LEDs dissipate a lot of heat so you should have proper venting.
  • Check the availability of plastic nearby as the excess heat from the LED bulbs may melt the soft plastic  nearby
  • Check the housing types of your vehicle to get the desired effect you are looking for when converting to LED.

LED Lights For Motorcycles

With the amazing lighting provided by LED lights, as well as the wider and brighter beam, they are an excellent choice for headlights. Bikes gain significantly from them because a single Ampoule LED moto provides the same amount of lighting as two automobile headlights.

As a result, Ampoule LED moto not only improves visibility in the dark, but they also offer other advantages over traditional incandescent, halogen, and HID (high-intensity discharge) headlights, such as 

  • Efficiency
  • Longer Life-span
  • Durability
  • Variety
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Aesthetics

How To Install LED Lighting For TTF Recreation  Automotive

LED Lighting for cars 1

1. Obtain Your Bulb

Finding the correct-sized bulb to fit into your vehicle’s headlights is the first step. Your vehicle’s size will be determined by its make and model. Different headlight filaments are used in bulbs, and they are not interchangeable since they do not provide the same amount of light.

2. Take Out Your Old Bulbs

You should check your owner’s manual to make sure there are no special instructions for your car. In most circumstances, you will just need to take the actions outlined below.

  • Pull your hood up.
  • Take the bubble out of the power outlet.
  • Remove the headlight’s protective rubber cover.
  • Remove the spring that holds the bulb in place in the housing.
  • Pull the bulb out with care.

 3. Install Your LED

A circle adaptor will most likely arrive with your LED kit to help you hold the bulb in place. Insert the adaptor and secure it to the spring. The Ampoules LED voiture should then be inserted and turned to lock it into the housing.

4. Remove the LED Bulb Cover

Depending on your car, the next step may be challenging. You might not be able to replace the rubber cover in some circumstances. If the Ampoules LED voiture has a large base, this is more likely to happen. If the light can be covered with a rubber cover, you may need to trim the hole to make it larger. If that doesn’t work, you might need to get a bigger cover.

If you want to use a different cover, make sure it fits the heat sink correctly to avoid melting. Because the heat sink can get rather hot, it should not come into contact with the rubber or plastic components, as this could cause them to melt. You should also make sure that the heat sink does not come into contact with any sensitive components when the cover is on since this could damage the vehicle’s performance.

5. Connect Your Light Bulbs

Because most bulbs are plug-and-play, this step will be much easier than the prior one. To power, the unit, plug the bulb into the socket where the previous light was removed.

6. Examine Your Lighting

Turn on your lights to make sure everything is working and that the beams and light intensity areas are planned.

7. Examine Your Connections

Before closing the hood, double-check that all of the connections are secure and that your heat sink is not too close to any components that it could damage.

8. Make Your Lights Shine

Now that the job is finished, it’s time to clean the covers of your headlights so that your new bulbs can produce the finest light possible.

LED lights are an excellent method to lighten your journey while also improving the appearance of your vehicle. You can install your Ampoules LED voiture in a few simple steps by selecting the appropriate size and filament.

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