Why you should build a career in Penetration Testing

Why you should build a career in Penetration Testing

One of the trendiest professional opportunities this decade is penetration testing. To become a penetration tester, you must first complete ethical hacking courses and obtain a pentester certification.

A penetration testing professional’s job is to break into computer systems with the goal of detecting bugs and reporting them to improve the security of the organization. Penetration testing, often known as ethical hacking, is a highly viable and appealing career option, thanks to the following factors:

It has a massive demand:

All throughout the world, penetration testers are in high demand. Many businesses have upped their investments in cybersecurity. Because of the rise in cybercrime, hiring penetration testers has become a top priority for any company, public or private.

They are well compensated:

The monetary compensation for penetration testers is more than adequate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they make an average of USD 95,510 each year. Not to mention the fact that these experts are among the highest paid in the whole IT business.

It has an incredibly wide scope:

In comparison to other sectors, cybersecurity occupations have a broader scope. You can work in any field, anywhere in the world, after completing your ethical hacking study. There are numerous work opportunities in fields such as information technology, retail, finance, and insurance, as well as aerospace and military.

It’s a fantastic job:

Let’s face it. It’s a fantastic job to get paid to break into machines. How many people in the world can claim to earn a living by attacking and breaching secure systems? If you have the technical aptitude, penetration testing is an incredibly interesting field.

The unemployment rate of zero percent:

There is no unemployment among penetration testers. One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a career is job security. Because of the high demand for these specialists and the low supply, the skill gap continues to develop, and the prospect of unemployment vanishes.

It is never monotonous:

Consider a penetration tester’s typical day. Even if you work for a single company, you will have to deal with a variety of attack vectors and systems on a daily basis. Penetration testing is, without a doubt, one of the least boring jobs out there.

Certification is simple to obtain:

It is a common misconception that a computer science degree is required to work as a penetration tester. That certainly helps, but it is not a requirement for eligibility. Anyone can participate in the program and earn a certificate in the field. All you need is technical ability and a desire to learn more. CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CPENT (Certified Penetration Testing Expert), and CPENT (Certified Penetration Testing Expert) are some of the most prized and demanded qualifications in this profession (Certified Penetration Testing Professional). CompTIA PenTest+, Global Information Assurance Certification Penetration Tester (GPEN), and others are among the others.

You’ll be helping to keep the globe safe:

Finally, who doesn’t want to make a difference with their work? Knowing that you are improving someone’s life every day you go to work is a rare privilege. Our second home is the digital world, and anything that helps keep it safe from dangers and criminality is a wonderful job.

So, what are your thoughts on working as a penetration tester? Clearly, the advantages exceed the costs of pursuing this vocation. Finally, keep in mind that if you choose penetration testing, you are doing it after conducting extensive research into its numerous components. You can also speak with someone who has worked in the field for a long time if that helps.

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